MSEd Special Education

Program Description: Prepares pre-service students, alternatively licensed or already certified teachers to work with students with disabilities who access the general curriculum in grades K-12. Prepares students to become ethical and compassionate teachers committed to serving the educational needs of a diverse population of learners,  and to continually strive to add to the knowledge base of the profession of teaching.

Why Special Education?

  • Addresses shortage of special education teachers within Virginia and across the nation.
  • Increase in number of students requiring special education services, including those with learning, physical and developmental disabilities.
  • Helps candidates become endorsed in Special Education-General Curriculum, K-12 as they earn an advanced degree.

Master of Science in Education — Special Education Program

Program Facts:

  • Incorporates newest instructional technologies, experiential learning and exposure to information related to classroom management, individual education planning and instructional delivery for students with disabilities in K-12 school population.
  • 30 hours of special education and university supervised teaching coursework. An addition 3-9 credits may be required depending upon prior completion of initial foundation education courses.
    Includes individual project in Curriculum & Instruction. Students will create a project that develops better home-school connections.
  • Offers students a personalized education that nurtures them as valued and supported individual learners.
Education foundation courses required for initial licensure:
EDU510/EDUC510 Foundations of Education 3
RDG523/EDU523 Foundations of Reading 3
PSYC510 Advanced Human Growth & Development 3
Masters Degree Requirements
SED/SEDC565 Foundations Legal and Medical Aspects of Special Education 3
SED/SEDC571 Characteristics Student Disabilities 3
SED 533 Language Acquisition/Reading Methods 3
SED 569 Collaborative/Consultative Strategies 3
SED 575 Transitions for Students w/Disabilities 3
SED 567 Special Education Instruction, Behavior Management & Assessment 3
SED 573 Curriculum, Instruction, Service Delivery 3
EDU 647 Projects in Curriculum & Instruction 3
EDU 661 Internship in Student Teaching K-12 6
or Seminar course designed for provisionally licensed teachers:
EDU 613 Management & Mentorship I 3
EDU 614 Management & Mentorship II 3
Passing score on VCLA & VRA or RVE