MSEd Individual Focus

The MSED Individual Focus Degree Program is well suited to students with highly individualized career or educational goals that are interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, international, general or specific.

  • Students in this program are very motivated, goal-oriented and self-directed learners who are carving their own pathways of knowledge within an advanced degree program.
  • Some students in this program are U.S. National Board Certified Teachers, fully licensed teachers, provisionally certified teachers, green card holders, or those on F-1 student visas.
  • Students accepted in this program meet with the faculty advisor to select the courses that meet their career or educational goals.
  • Because of the flexibility allowed in the 18-credit elective section of the Individual Focus program, students in health professions, political positions, coaching jobs and various administrative employments utilize this program to obtain the necessary educational coursework while gaining an advanced degree.
  • The 12-credit research core allows students to design action research projects to seek credible solutions for real on-the-job or situational problems.

Students in the Professional Studies Certificate (PSC) programs can apply to be concurrently accepted into the MSED Individual Focus program or can do so after completing the PSC. These students would use 18 credits from the PSC as electives and then do the research core to complete the degree.

Inquiry Core*

Course Title Hrs.
RST 671 Using Educational Measurement and Statistics  3
RST 672 Outcomes Assessment & Stats App. in Orgs.  3
EDU 585 Educational Technology Applications  3
EDU 647 Projects in Curriculum & Instruction  3
Total 12
Elective Credits 18
Total 30

* In addition to the 12 credit Inquiry Core, 18 advisor-appoved elective credits must be completed in your area of study.