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PSC Reading Specialist

You can be the teacher that makes a difference in your student’s ability to read.

The Reading Specialist Certification at Shenandoah University prepares caring, reflective professionals to be researchers of learning who can apply their academic training and skills to the needs of our diverse society. Our program prepares you to connect theory to practice, and to create classrooms and school communities where students learn in meaningful ways. The program offers you a balanced preparation in the vitally important areas of assessment, reading instruction, literature, research and the use of educational technology.

What Our Program Offers You

What our students learn/Skills you will acquire

The Professional Studies Certificate for Licensure in Reading Specialist Certification serves students who already hold a master’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education and who want to obtain Virginia licensure as a reading specialist without seeking Shenandoah’s MSEd: Reading Specialist Concentration.

Our academically oriented and rigorous graduate program follows the guidelines of the Standards for Reading Specialists (2010) developed by the International Reading Association. Our graduates are knowledge-driven, competent decision-makers and practitioners whose thinking is informed by reflective practice, and who are prepared to be caring, capable and thoughtful professionals.

Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll meet the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) approved requirements for licensure. In addition, the VDOE also requires classroom teaching experience.

What kind of issues/problems does this major prepare you to solve?

Research findings show a strong correlation between reading proficiency and academic success at all ages, from the primary school right through to university level. Throughout Virginia, reading teachers need to constantly adapt to meet the individualized needs of students. Shenandoah continually incorporates new techniques and strategies to accommodate a wide variety of reading problems. The growing demand for literacy education in the community is resulting in a heightened interest among teachers and school administrators to continue their higher education careers at Shenandoah, and gain licensure as Reading Specialists.

What makes our program unique?

The program’s cohort system enables you to pursue certification in a convenient, economic and timely manner. Our program includes hybrid or blended courses that utilize pertinent technology including BlackBoard, Smartboard, Softchalk and the Internet.

Course Requirements

This program is for students who already have a master’s degree. Three appropriate graduate credits may be transferred into the program.

To transfer a course, students must provide a copy of the graduate catalog entry, and a copy of the graduate course syllabus.  All courses must be taken under advisement. Listed below is the order in which the courses will be offered.

RDG 523 Foundations of Reading Instruction: Fall 3
RDG 533 Reading in the Content Areas Spring 3
RDG 524 Analysis & Remedial Techniques in Reading Summer I 3
RDG 530 Clinical Diagnosis & Treatment of ReadingDifficulties Summer II 3
RDG 535 Language Development Fall 3
RDG 602 Organization & Supervision of the Reading Program Spring 3
EDU 585 Educational Technology Applications TBD 3
    Total 21